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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Magellan Sutera Resort

Hi readers, I'm going to Sutera Habour Hotel for 1 night stay. Mummy joined membership and they give 1 night stay as free so mummy booked and let us overnight there, enjoy the beach, swimming, and of course chit chating non-stop at night. Sutera Habour Hotel is well known in KK as they are 5 stars hotel with luxury facilities, all those celebrities, big big people will stay here once they visit KK, I remember when I'm young, Tun Dr Mahathir used to stay tere when he visit Sabah.

My lover Christine.

Silly little kid act emo. 

Unfortunately, the day we stay in is cloudy day, so we wait till the rain stop or I can say is become smaller, we quickly change into swimming suit and rush to the swimming pool to take picture. (take picture instead of swimming, funny right?)

The next thing happen after this picture is sunnyboy tried to push this silly boy into the pool, but failed. XD

There are also place for the ship to stop by. 
So u can find a lot foreigner in this hotel because they choose to stop by here to take some rest. Believe me or not, there is see urchin grow beside the rock nearby the shore which u can see with ur naked eyes. See how clean Sabah's sea water are, even the place for ship to stop by also can find sea urchin. 

I think I shall end here. Nothing much but just to share some pictures. =)

For more info:
1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard,

Kota Kinabalu, 88100 Sabah, Malaysia.

Phone: (6088) 318 888    Fax: (6088) 317 777  

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