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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Desa farm @ Mount Kinabalu

Keep on scrolling and scrolling, and I found out I missed something. Seriously, I missed out the part where we go Desa Farm at Mount Kinabalu. I think my brain not function well or maybe I'm old so I totally forget about those cute mow mow cow. So back to the topic, it takes around 35 mins to travel from Mount Kinabalu town to Desa Farm. Don't know Desa Farm? Ok, after finished this entry, straightly go to supermarket or any store nearby u, go to the dairy product session, find for milk with label DESA. Paper container with a cute mow mow cow as cover. Still don't know? FINE, I show u. (I'm a super kind blogger) =)

Taken from google. 
Now u know DESA milk is actually made from Sabah. 

It is like a fairyland.

Mow mow cow, why u so skinny? 

Mow mow cow actually will que quietly to the counter where the machine pump their milk. 

End with me and sunnyboy. 

For more info:

P.O.Box 71, 89308 Kundasang,

Tel: 088-889562
Fax: 088-889562
Ranau, Sabah.

Mon - Sun: 7.30am - 4.30pm
Entrance fees: RM3/adult & RM2/children
( Milk Processing/pemprosesan susu: every Tuesday, Thusday and Sunday at 10am-2pm)
( Milking Process/proses pemerahan susu: everyday at 3pm-5pm)

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