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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beijing Duck @ Tanjung Aru

It's time to bloggin' again. This time I'm gonna introduce a nice place to have Beijing Duck in KK. U know some people will constantly craving for something in some time just like me. When I'm in KK, I will constantly craving for something like the soft ice cream something like Mcd's sundae cone where is KK it is sell in the ice cream car. Why? Because this is 1 part of my childhood memory also, we used to eat this ice cream very weekend when it passby our home. Ok, back to the topic. The crispy and tasty Beijing Duck!!

The restaurant is located nearby Tanjung Aru old town. It is famous enough and it is the only restaurant selling Beijing duck nearby so I think if u ask around there, u will be guided to the restaurant, no worries and enjoy the meal. =)

Beijing Duck served with popiah skin and their special sauce with some fresh green onion. Totally heaven!!

Steam Chinese Cabbage
This is super duper unique, I think this can only be found in here. So far I never eat this before in other place.
Believe me, the outer look seems normal but it taste super nice. Must try!!

This is something like Chinese Sausage
They tied up the meat together into a hard roll and let it develop the taste. I think maybe fermented or I'm not sure. For me, I like this meat so much, must order everytime I visit. But fyi, it is cold in taste. U may try if u can accept cold stuff.

Duck soup
U can taste milky taste. Overall quite nice but rather filling. 

Lastly is Stir Fried Stewed Pork Slice with Bitter Gourd.

Overall I love this restaurant and fyi, this restaurant is quite famous around KK so will be full of visitor around dinner time. To avoid table fully seated, u will need to go earlier or maybe make booking earlier if u need a larger table and nicer place to enjoy ur meal.

p/s: their air-con is rather cold so bring extra jacket.

For more info:

King Hu Restaurant
Lot 3, Jalan Pinang,
Tanjung Aru,
Kota Kinabalu,
TEL: 088-234 966

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