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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Naked Palette by Urban Decay

Hi all, I want to dye my hair pink!! Haha, I'm so random. By the way, I just finished one paper today and the last paper will be on 19th of June. 13 days more for revision so I decided to rest a while. Naked Urban Decay bought last month when I'm visiting Uniqlo for more cardigan for sunnyboy. He wanted to own a cardigan so much like so desperate, luckily he found one that he is satisfied with at Zara Lot 10. 

Last week went to friend's sister's wedding at A'farmosa Melaka so coincidently Naked plalette could be use. I'm so surprise with the effect when u apply, covering neutral to dramatic effect. So if you're not those adventurous type, the range of chocolate to grey will probably fine to u, like me. =) Anyway, it can be found in Sephora in Malaysia, Pavillion branch and KLCC branch. 

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