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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My New Love

I have a tiring Sunday, rushing to SS15 to deal with a buyer for my Black Jack. Goodbye my love, thanks for servicing me this 1 year. Then rushing to Damansara uptown to find a seller that sell cheap lens for my new love. 3pm, rushing back home and meet up with a generous seller at Mentari Oldtown for my new baby. You all must be curious about my new love, surely not sunnyboy anymore. =D

Tadaaa, Canon 600D with 50mmf1.8 lens that recommended by my aussie friend. Should I name it BlackJack II? It seems so dull, and I think he is unhappy with this name. =D I will think about it when I'm free. Gonna off to study my final. Goodbye ya all. x)

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