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Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm done with my uni

Dear readers, it's TGIF!! I'm in super duper happy mood because I'm done with my uni coursework and just waiting for final exam then I'm graduating. Lots of trip and vacation waiting for me. 

Picture taken just now with my uni friends. My εΎ—εŠ›εŠ©ζ‰‹, Chenyeu and Zhuaner. Thanks for all those caring in this sem. Thanks for instantly reminding me when is the quiz, when is report due and all sort due date that I used to forget. Thanks for helping me take note when lecturer giving tips but I actually skipped class. *lazybump Just thanks for the helping. Zhuaner is also graduating so all the best for your future, Chenyeu is still studying so all the best for ur last sem and enjoy uni life as working life ain't good. =D

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