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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm Alive!

Hi all, I'm back. I have been abandoned my blog for so long and I guess no one want to read it anymore, poor blog. But nevermind, I would like to make it alive now. As sometimes I felt boring, sad, emotional, no way to express the feeling, here is the place for me. I choose to sign in and post something here just because I don't want to give up this damn blog that followed my for almost 4 years. My old friend, here I back. =D

From no on, will just do some random short post with nice picture that I want to share. Deal?

Who else can resist this cute miniature schnauzer? So innocence!
Picture taken from . Visit their website for more awesome picture as I spend whole night viewing their website and now I feel like I want to marry so much. LOL

Ohhh, and also kindly visit my page, GenieOoi for more update. =)

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