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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New year eve @ Pavillion

Holy crap, I'm doing my new year eve post now, like now on February of 2012. I better hurry up to catch up what I've missed. Sorry guys.

I believe the bears are still outside pavillion now, so guys can go and have a look. I personally think Malaysia's bear is so damn ugly. wtf!! Just forget about it. 

The only bear I take picture with. 

So around 9pm, we are stucked outside pavillion and we tried so hard to find way to go back into pavillion and finally we did it. There is a concert helding outside pavillion so it is so damn crowded. In the end, we choose to chill at Overtime and that's all for my 2012 count down. Sadly, we can't see the firework of KLCC, we just watch the firework that played on the tv. LOL

But I actually enjoy the moment that spend with my friend. Cheers and drunk till the end. 
So yupe, just a simple update. =D

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