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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dinner @ El Fresco Italian Restaurant Empire Gallery

My blog is so dead cause of the laziness. =DDD Lazy make up lazy bring camera so just using iphone to capture and here I am. Last week, me and baby boy went to Empire Shopping Mall at Subang Jaya to grab some groceries. We are so loss in deciding where to have dinner cause we have eat all the good food in Subang here and we are getting bored by the boring food. Any suggestion in nice food around Subang? 

So at last we decided to have lunch inside the Jaya Grocer, El Fresco Italian Restaurant. Quite nice environment, food also not bad but just don't sit behind the wall cause there are small cockroach crawling on the wall's hole. 0.0''

Awesome blossom and ice lemon tea. 

Beef Bacon Carbonara

My awesome big pizza.
I'm sorry cause I forget the name. =D

Lastly it's me. =)

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