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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

David Brown's @ Penang Hill

Cny had finally come to the end and my work starts today. 
I totally will miss the holiday so much but I left 1 last week to work then I'm a free bird again. Woolaa.. How's the angpau collection? 
For me, I didn't really spend much on my anypau but I save all of it for July's trip. 
Aww.. Before I forget, valentines is coming and what should I buy? Hmmm... Let me think...

So today going to blog about the penang hill trip with baby boy's family.
It is nice to visit penang hill now because the train has change to new one so u don't have to wait and que for  a very long time. 

Here we go, up up to the hill top. =D

The awesome-ness view from the restaurant. I'm sure I will visit again with the love one. =D

The pond in front of the restaurant. 

So in love with the romantic environment and old english decoration.

Here comes the food, I forget what it's name but it's something related to beef.

My Lamb Shank. 

We wait for quite long for the food to be served. But overall is just fine for me but a little bit over price. The only worth point to come here is the morning view and the night view from the hill top. 

The night view. Spotted the penang bridge. So awesome!!

Lastly, the random shot of me. Cheers...

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