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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cny Look

Happy dragon year once again. I have been busy taking angpau and I promise myself to save more money for future use. No more spending like a kid. So everyone in the first day of cny must be wearing red, but except me. I'm in green on the first day. Opps... Kind of odd I know but who cares, it is not necessary to be in red. 

Top from Topshop, Bottom from Cotton On (I think).
I missed out my leopard print shoes, so sorry. =D

Heading back to hometown to visit aunt and uncle and pray my grandparents. Had reunion dinner with my family and of course cannot miss out the lou sang. I love lou sang because I feel happiness and heart warm feeling wherever I see everyone is laughing so happy, shouting their wishes and hoping better for the coming year. Just love it.

After dinner, sat of the stone chair, watching my little niece and nephew playing fire cracker. Bring me back to my memoryland, when I was small, I used to play fire cracker with my cousin too. But now I'm old, so shameful to play around, so is my niece and nephew turn. (I'm so old!!)

That's all for my cny, simple and love. =))

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