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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trip to Singapore.

Today is 4th of Jan 2012, is the first day of school reopen, everywhere start to jam like shit, cause me this morning late for work. -___- Anyway, today I'm gonna blog about my singapore trip last few weeks. Purposely went to Singapore to visit Orchard road for the christmas decoration and meeting my babe CheahChee. Everywhere is having grand sales including branded stuff like Burberry and Armani. Accidentally meet the opening-soon-event of Abercrombie & Fitch which more than 10 half-naked muscular man standing outside their shop for photo taking session. According to their worker, A&F is a shop selling cloth that price range between Zara and Topshop. Can't wait to visit them again because I heard from my friend they sell cheap and nice cloths. 

I personally like that guy beside me wearing checkered shirt, I think he is Asia people, maybe Japanese or Korean? Btw, who can resist the abs. ZOMG!!!!

We had our lunch @ The Soup Spoon which introduced by my friend. Special shop which only sell soup and bread, for on diet people, here is your heaven! 

I forget what I order, something like ox tail soup. Believe me, u definitely can feel the fullness after finish this whole bowl of soup. 

I tried the biscuit with ice cream in the centre which u can find this along the Orchard Road. It's nice! Childhood memorise...

Some picture for the christmas decoration:

I wonder why they want to use elephant as christmas decoration. Can everyone tell me why?

Lastly, end with my handsome boy. Lololol...
Once again, happy schooling guys.. 

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