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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Garret Popcorn @ KLCC

Sorry for didn't updating for so many days. Being busy lately as I also don't know what I'm busying. Busy running around settle lots of things, meet up with babes, lots of year end dinner for my company but I didn't attend any of it, I dyed my hair (gonna blog about this soon), shops for cny and etc etc. 

Another reason I'm not blogging is my flickr account. I think the uploader spoiled or something, I don't know. Because I tried to upload photo but surely fail everytime. *stucked!! Anyone out there can teach me what should I do? Or I will just email their customer service department see what they can do for me. =(

Back to topic, last week I purposely when to KLCC to grab Garret. It is the most expensive popcorn I've ever eat but it's nice!! *thumb up!! I tried Chicago Mix which is the classic caramel mix with cheese flavor. Awesome and I like it!! 

la la la... chomp!!

Happy girl with her popcorn. =)

And my another favourite, Ice Blended Espresso Frap. =DDD

I think that's all for today. 4 days to cny, I miss my mama and I just can't wait to meet her. =)))

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