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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dubai Ending

Chinese New Year is just 2 week a head, let's go shop till drop. Lol... I'm done with my cny cloths except shoes. I'm thinking not to buy any new shoes and heels at least for now to save more money for big things. I got a lot plan coming and of course need lots of money so save money save money. =D

So I shall finish up my Dubai post. Going to Dubai, I can say the most worth trip is visiting their desert and have dinner there. I'm so excited to go to the desert as Malaysia don't have any desert and it is so nice like when we watching those hollywood's movie the actor driving along the highway while the both side is all desert. XD *my dream comes true!!

Just look at the sand. All those tiny mountain. wtf!! Damn nice!!

Random helicopter. I think is their police doing some so-called "ronda" around the desert.

Stepping on the sand. OMG!! I'm so excited right now!!

Did I mention I will show u all the real camel? Here u go. I actually ride them and they just so cute. They have super gigantic long eyelashes and super big eyes. How I wish I can have their eyelashes. Lol..

I actually draw my leg at the camp in the centre of the desert. =D

I'm actually waiting my mummy to send me then picture but she is too busy.
So that's all for Dubai. =D

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