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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wanting Post Birthday Celebration @ Klang Central

Today is TGIF!! I bet people who working will surely super excited for the arriving of Friday. For me, once I start work, I released that Friday is sooooo important for me. Every Friday, my colleague will slack as much as they can, everyone will have a big smile on their face, including me. =)

So today I'm gonna finish up this post. It is another surprise we planned for our little babes. I'm so impressed that we able to plan two birthday surprise continuously in two days for two babes. 

We meet at Klang Central's Starbucks. We act like we just want to go to chill and gossip there but actually we planning something underneath. XiaoHong responsible in preparing the birthday cake, HueiLing rush to prepare the lovely baloon, we drag the birthday girl to toilet, they passed the balloon and the cake to the starbuck barista and ask the barista to present the cake and balloon for her to surprise the birthday babe and our plan really works. Tehheee...


Cake from Tropicana City Mall's Pastry Culture. 

The happy birthday girl.

Finally u step into the twenty's.

She is mad happy with her present, lomo camera.
*She got a potential to become Mashimaro.

I'm gonna miss u all so much.

XiaoHong and Laiwah force Mr. Shuhong to hold the balloon. 

Me with the birthday girl. See u next sem. Enjoy ur Korea trip. 

I look like a giant here. Why u all so little?? 

Pretty babe from Ipoh and Mersing.

Lastly end with me and ma boy. =)

Once again, happpppyyyy birrrtthhhdddaaayyy my little sister. See u soon in next sem and enjoy your holiday. Remember, slack like a boss. :D

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