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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trip @ Sekeping Serendah

I'm back from vacation with mummy. Tons of pictures to rearrange, gonna blog about that soon. Firstly is the Sekeping Serendah trip at Rawang with my coursemate. One of my coursemate suggested to have our graduation trip there, because of the Glass House, a house that made by glass which means the whole house is transparent. Fyi, just google sekeping serendah then u will get all their information from their website. So are u ready? 

My baby boy with a big smile. =D

The cutie birthday girl, Adrienna.

The over-excited, Hueilin.

The two hungry, Cheahchee and Wanting.

Our tour guide, Laiwah.

The girls preparing food for barbecue.

We all are a prefer future housewife. 

The only guy is busy moving things.

He prepared and cooked the food for us.

See, he is concentrating on those food. 

We just eat and play. Muahaha...

After barbecue, of course is beer section and poker section.

Obviously I'm lazy to mention much. Just want to share this awesome place with you all. Coming up next will be Adrienna's birthday. Stay tune.

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