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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sekeping Serendah @ Rawang.

I working so hard to finish all the delayed post and event post. Hope to update until the latest one then u all can follow the latest me. This post suppose to post before the previous post but I forget so here I am, replacing the missing part. So no professional blogger, ahhhaa..

This post gonna introduced (click this for more information) Sekeping Serendah which located at Rawang.
They have 5 sheds with different theme, glass shed, timber shed and mud shed. We choose glass shed to overnight cause the whole shed is transparent so we can experience the natural environment surrounding us. Additional information is this place doesn't have any connection so no tv, no whatsapp, no bbm and even phone call. Its only chit chat between friend and its nice to have gathering there. All u have is just eat and have fun with friend.


The main entrance that we can lock so it is safe, no worries.

We actually bring the a thingy that produce bubble when u blow, I don't really know its name, that we use to play when we are small. 

The bedroom. 1 shed can sleep 6 person the maximum.

A place for us to barbecue at night. The people there actually help us prepare everything that for barbecue so we not need to bring any charcoal. All we need is just to prepare the food ourself.

The pool they got. The main point is the water is from natural waterfall's water but not chlorine water. Nature and refresh enough. 

All I can say is this place is awesome for a group of friend to gathering with experiencing the beauty of nature. It's worth to have a try. =)

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JaniceMeen said...

any mosquito while barbecue?

g3r11 said...

Basically I didn't experience any mosquito bite cause it's quite windy there.