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Monday, December 19, 2011

First day of Dubai.

Ok guys. Here come the Dubai's photo. I'm so busy shopping these few day. Ahahahaa... Yesterday went Midvalley and The Gardens. Everywhere is having sales like mad, I'm so broke now. :((

Anyway, back to the topic. Last month, I went to Dubai with my mummy for a short vacation. Everyone heard of Dubai will shout "Wow.. Dubai!!! So nice!!". But fyi, the feeling after I went to Dubai is, there are a  lot of Guinness World Record thingy there, such as the world tallest builing,Burj Khalifa, world largest handmade carpet in the mosque, Sheikh Zayeh Grand Mosque and etc. It is known as a free duty country but I found out the branded stuff sell there is not as cheap as Europe. Just the most unforgetable place in this trip is the desert and the camel. Will blog about that in the next post. =)

Here is the view before me landing.

See the long highway and the endless desert. 

I think this is the bungalow for them. There are lots of bungalows there, 不出奇.

The hotel we stay, known as the world tallest 5 star hotel. 

This is the main view of the main city of Dubai. Dubai is more on modern building and less green view in the city. So it is quite dull because whatever u see will be tall building with sandy floor. -___- But it will be nice for those people who like modern life. 

The real camel I captured from the postcard. Cute right!!

I can't resist to buy this because it is shooo cute. Fake camel of course. =D

Went to their Museum, it is so impressive because the model inside all is so real like real human standing and waving to u. 

Gonna continue my work so gonna end this post with me. =D

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