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Friday, December 9, 2011

Adrienna's Bigday.

Hello readers, I'm too bored working here in Nestle PJ because my manager on leave, clerk 1 and 2 all super holiday mood. I wait for the clerk 2 to come back so I can get something from him but he didn't come back, and now already lunch time but he still missing. Left out those officer who are not so friendly to me. What to do, I'm stuck in the meeting room for doing nothing, and I truely pray that they won't read this, opps, sorry for that if u all read this. =(

So here I am, stucked in the meeting room for doing nothing, so I decided to update my blog a bit. I'm here to update Adrienna's big day that we celebrated with her @ Sekeping Serendah.

We set up her name which the candle and blow lots of balloon to surprise her. We sang the birthday song at the downstairs so that she thought we didn't really make any surprise for her but while she was out to buy beer, we blow lots of balloon and arranged her name with candle. Covered her eyes and make her go upstairs, and SURPRISE!! Happy birthday Adrienna!!

Covered her eye and slowly climb up the staircase. 

Adrien =)

She love wondermilk's cup cakes so we bought it.

The birthday girl with her birthday cake.

We played with the balloon. 

End with the cutie pie. Once again, Happy birthday Adrienna. =)

As fyi, I'm going to Singapore this weekend to shopping and hope to get some christmas happiness from Orchard road. =)

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