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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Graduating Girls ♥♥♥

I'm bored of study, so here I am. The shoot photos I have edit finish, so guys stay tune. =)

Anyway, going to talk about my last presentation of this sem. Majority of my friends is graduating soon, so technically this is the last sem we study together. *sad face

Our assignment ask us to design the packaging of a new product, so we think of doing DragonFruit Sorbet which still not many in the market. We draw the design ourselves and colour with water colour, make us like secondary student. LOL

Our beloved Prof Gary and the special guest Dr Barker.

After the presentation, we start to randomly take picture, as I said, this is the last sem we study together so we want to take pictures as memories. 

The epic one: 



My lab partner. 

 Another combination of assignment partner. 

Group pictures:





Appreciate our memories. We planned graduation event and hope we have fun there. Happy Graduating girls, enjoy working life. 

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