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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Girls suffer

For those who follow my twitter, surely will know I've done a shoot last week by myself, because I'm too bored of studying. The nerdy spec from and tops from zara, its a basic tee. 

Now I'm suffering girl's monthly cramp. I always wonder why girls need to suffer all these shit and guys have nothing to suffer and live happily ever after. It's not fair!! FML I still remember when I was young, every month I will suffer terrible pain and can't even walk or do anything. I even skip my school and tuition because its too painful. That time I will just take it as a mini holiday for the lazy me, I have a proper reason to skip school. But now I understand how important to keep myself healthy so that I have a happy life. (sound so great.. LOL)

Today I'm going to share my personal tips for avoiding the pain.

Firstly is try to avoid drinking cold stuff such as soft drink or chatime which is now very famous. I'm sure some people will everyday at least drink one chatime, and I don't know why chatime will make people craving for it, I think they must be putting some drug inside, I'm kidding. XD Don't ask me where I got this information, it's just my own experience, but drinking too much artificial stuff is not good right? 

Second is try to drink more water. I know what u thinking, I hate to drink water too. But it's true, the more water u drink, the nicer ur skin are, so do with the monthly cramp. 

Third is try to thinking positive everyday, that makes u to have happy mood with lesser stress, less suffer from monthly cramp. I always try to think positive but due to the final exam I'm facing now, I'm too stress to not to stress, do u get me? No choice. So here I am, suffering like stupid shit.

I think that's all I can think of. Hope it helps. 
Gonna have some nap. =)

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