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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Birthday Part 1

I'm back from hectic life. Just finished one assignment and now I'm free sitting here blogging. Gonna separate my birthday celebration into three parts. So first part, here you are. My daddy and mummy came to KL for celebrating with me so they decided to have a family dinner at the 1st of October. 

Outfit of the day:
tees from Taiwan
high waist skirt from Forever 21
Birken Stock 
Bag from Zara

The Christine and Genie. Me is 3rd of October and she is 5th of October. We know each other since baby because our daddy know each other and so do us. We sleep beside since we were born in the hospital, we play when we grow up, we share secrets and we even bath together. *when we were small of course.

Another blur one. 

Preparing to cut the cake.

Christine's sister as her birthday is 4th of October. So we cut cake together. 

21st key from mummy and daddy. 

Just a simple dinner with my family. Thanks for the wishes and presents.
Gonna enjoy my drama and bubye. =)

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