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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Just some random post to update and this gonna be the end of my birthday post. I took lots of polaroid for every birthday celebration, this is just a part of it. 

The main point of this is me and my boy. =)

I'm so proud of this because we camwhore and it comes out so prefect.

My final exam is approaching. By the way, my cute babes all are graduating soon. Emo spirit all over now, time flies, 3 years just like tickling seconds, we have so much fun in these 3 years. University life tend to make our relationship stronger and stronger, as we all is from different place but staying together for the same aim. We work together on assignments, reports, quizes, and exams. I bet nothing can be stronger than these relationships. Although we quarrel sometimes, but in the end we will just stick together can gossip about others unknown people again. This is called friend. Thinking all of these makes me like a emo shitty head. I guess we will gather in the future for sure. =)

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