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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthday celebration @ Poco Part 3

Hello, it's me again. Still got tons of birthday picture to blog here so just bare with me for two more post, then my birthday is officially over. Apparently, I'm study halfway and I just too bored with those lecture note so I decided to blog here. Partly reason is to rush finish the birthday then I can blog more about others things. So this is the third celebration with another batch of babes. I have cute friend too. =)

Souvenir from Wanting that she bought in Thailand, the cute little chicken lens box. So damn cutee...

So my cute friend bring me to a nice restaurant "poco" at Sunway Giza Damansara. I super love the environment, and I bet my boy's mum will fall in love with this little restaurant too. :D

They have country decoration everywhere.

Boy's chicken katsu don.

I don't really remember the name of my food but the beef is really nice!!

It's impossible to remember all those name, but this is something like omelette fried rice with japanese curry sauce. 

the black sesame ice-cream. *slurppp..

Cake section, my cute friend surprise me with duckie and cloudy wondermilk cup cakes. :)

Look at the duckie and the cloud, shoo effin' cute.. *scream...

Kiss kiss the duckie...

Polaroid we took. 

This is how my cute friend are, she is harvesting the ripen apple. Lol..

Baby MunYee.

Baby Chee.

Pretty Vivian.

Cutie reddy.

Where's the apple u plug, baby Ting.

Cutie Shilei, u are tall enough and not need to tip your toe. :D

And lastly the pretty Laiwah.

My first double c in my life. Thanks to my cute babes. =)

The second double c in my life, a chanel birthday card. Hahaha..

The Lancome make up set. Mad happy with the mascara. x) 

A million thanks to my cute friends. Thankiew for the present and the lunch. 
Muaks muaks muaks... =)

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