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Monday, September 19, 2011

19092011 ♥♥

This picture taken last few week when I'm attending my boy friend's wedding. Dress from Topshop and heels from Zara. Mad love the curl I have that day, planning to have those curl in Monash ball too. 

Here comes the diary part, since I have long time didn't really have time sit down properly and write something about daily life. Last few week is the most hectic week for this sem, just imagine one week got 5 day class and everyday at least got one assignment or report due. Start from monday, reportss, assignments, presentations and tests until friday. Phew.. Luckily I survived and happily blogging here. 

Speak to Monash ball. This friday is the grand Monash ball and I'm going to attend that. Because all my friend are final sem and they going to graduate soon like december so we planning that, must attend once although need a lot money in buying dress and heels. But who cares, we want to have best memory for our uni life. 

I think that's all for now, gonna off to my late dinner and study for mid-term exam. Goodbye and have a nice day. 

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