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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Singapore Day 1

So here I am, gonna post plenty of pictures for Singaland day 1 and off to assignment, sob sob.. Can I just skip all this from my life and enjoy more without worrying about homework? Can I? Can I? I know I can't. T.T

Ok! Back to the topic, Singaland day 1:

First stop, we take bus using easylink, down to Orchard Road, heading for breakfast. Here we go, Isetan in Ion. My cousin actually want to bring us to have a look, just a look to those Japan imported expansive fruit, with pretty packaging and price too. O.o

Spotted the Grape, bigger than my tiny finger, cost $69.90. Almost RM150, wtf. 

Giant strawberry that we buy. O.O

After all those shopping, off we go to breakfast. Japan cuisine, Itacho Sushi, introduced by my cousin, super duper expansive but worth cause yummy!! p/s: can u imagine how big ur stomach will become if u have sushi as breakfast, freaking crazy but awesome feeling. =D

This is something like Unagi which limited only 4 piece can be order per person. 

Fried Squid.

This one is weird. Foie gras sushi roll. =.=''

The awesome salmon roll and tamagoyaki. I'm hungry now!!

This one is so damn awesome!! I miss this!!

After breakfast, off we go to Marina Bay Sand by MRT. Walk a distance, spotted Singapore Flyer and DNA Bridge.

Me with the lotus shaped ArtScience Museum. 

Me with awesome eyebrow. =)

Boy happily smile. =)

Then hunt for BirkinStock.

Tadaa!! Mad love!!

Walk around and tried GongCha. Although Sunway here also got GongCha, but in Singapore is a must try drink!!

The lake side view from Marina Bay Sand.

Boy with the Merlion. =D

After have lunch at the foodcourt, the next stop is the skypark. Mad excited!! 56th floor, OMG!!

Me with shakky leg!

My boy is so brave, he dare to lay on the hedge. @.@

Spotted the cargo ship. It was like having war and all the war ship is preparing on the sea. Crap!! XD

My cousin told me this will gonna become a park in future that with aircon?? Lol.. Maybe by the time, Singapore kid will think they are living in foreign country cause their park is cold? Just kidding. x)

My handsome papa, pretty mama and the awesome boy. 

We stay there until night so that we can have night view from 56th floor. All the waiting is worth!!

See the Singapore Flyer and the highway's car!!! So damn beautiful!!

Lastly is me and pretty mama. The DNA bridge, Marina Bay Sand and Lotus ArtScience Museum. 

Then we left, dinner and back home rest. 
That's all for my first day in Singaland. =)

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