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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Leftout Singapore.

The second day in Singapore. We went to Bugis Junction for breakfast and off we go, shopping. I don't really buy much here but just walk around and accidentally meet the Smurf event. Smurf that wearing different cloths standing there. fyi, I just watched Smurf yesterday. I know I'm outdated but what to do, assignments and reports all around.

Smurf in mummy.

Smurf in Spidermen.

Different model of Smurf. Shooo cute!!

I personally prefer the Brainy Smurf. Damn cute. =) 

Then day 3 in Singapore, we went back to Takashimaya Orchard for shopping of course. 

Sleepy me with boring cousin waiting our food. Our face look so funny here.

Daddy bought me and my boy's 21st birthday present. 

Tadaa... Burberry purse. One for my boy and one for me. =)

Versace perfume. Lady-like smell, me likey.

Chanel Eau Tendre perfume. This one more on sweet smell, suitable for daily use. 

Some random picture.

Me with Gargamel's T-shirt bought from Bossini. Mad love.

The colourful builiding, daddy tells me here is famous cause he always saw Singapore drama filming here.

Our last dinner at Singapore. Mos burger. They have nice corn sup and nice rice burger. 

And the fourth day, fly back to KL and the end of my holiday. = ((

Baby boy with happy smile.

Of course me with puffy face. 

Goodbye Singapore. I'm surely will come back for H&M.

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