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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sabah Food

Darling, I miss u so much!!

I'm going to keep updating since I'm free and just some homework approaching. So aloha Tuesday, I have a great holiday and outing with all my babes and boys. Happy mood but will continue with some emoness later on. Gonna miss Sabah so much as this post is dedicated to Sabah. LOL Bytheway, did I mention I'm going to Singapore for some short holiday? Gonna hunt lots of cloths and shoes back and of course nice food must not be missed.

Readers gonna hate me cause later will got a lot nice food pictures which will make u hungry, but no matter how u all must scroll till the end ok?

Ok start!!!

#1 Korean Ginseng Chicken

#2 Korean Kimchi Tohu

#3 Korean Fried Pork Chop. OMG!!!

#4 Fried Sauce Noodle. I ate this once I reach Sabah, beh tahan liao!!!

#5 Oyster. This is a must-eat in Sabah, as u know Sabah is full of fresh seafood that u can't resist.

#6 Fried KangKung. I have no idea why this seafood restaurant can make this so nice.

#7 Sarawak Laksa. Actually is our curry mee mixed with laksa soup. Super duper damn nice lar..

#8 Tuaran Meat Roll. This meat roll u can only found in Sabah Tuaran, which we willing to drive almost like 2 hours just to eat this. ZOMG!!!

#9 Dry Fried Tuaran Mee. OMG!! This is almost. Must-eat food in Sabah. Really!!!

#10 Wet Fried Tuaran Mee. Ok, this is the best one. I can't elaborate more cause I'm hungry now. But guys if really got time to visit Sabah and wanted to try all these, please let me know, I'm willing to tour u all and surely u will give me a big thumb when u leaving Sabah.

Whole post like promoting Sabah, maybe I can apply as a authorised website that promote Sabah food. Hahaha...

I think that's all lar. Gonna busy with my report. =)

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