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Friday, August 5, 2011

[AstroMyMusic] Video is UP!!

Hello guys, video is up, can click and back to here to continue read while waiting for loading, just let me finish all this up. <3 My very first video and first time trimming audio, dedicated to Astro Mymusic contest, anyhow, I'm not singing in this video and the song is not my own creation too. Whatever, these whole things is just my plain idea, actually I got another more fantastic idea, but just not enough time for me to do it. I will try that one on next time. =)

Just special thanks for my babes HueiLing, CheahChee, SiewHong, LaiWah, ShiLei and MunYee. My boy somemore say I'm racist because all are girls without boys, next time I will shoot u my boy, for sure, haha... *I have no idea how come HueiLing's face will appears as the cover of the video. X)

If you wondering what all this about, google astromymusic and u will know that.

Astro is having a contest called "mymusic" which u can submit your own created music + music video to them before 8th of August. If your video is chosen, then it will be airing on Astro channel 318 from 31st August to 16th September 2011. Which means your creation will be on TV, wow...!!! So interested fellow, just hurry up create something original and all-malaysian music video, show your creativity to the whole world.

3 more days to the deadline which is 8th August 2011. Hurry up!!
kkthxbye. =)

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