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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weissbrau @ Strait Quay

Back from the hectic trip from Mount Kinabalu, continue my anniversary post, I know it was late, but still, want to post it up to show off. 晒甜蜜 XD

Just a simple dinner we had at Strait Quay, Weissbrau. Boy wanted to have some german sausages for the special day. Honestly, they served good services and good food too. The price is also quite ok actually. U guys can go and have some try.

I'm so hungryyyy... Where is my food!!!

Boy is busy playing his iphone. People nowadays tend to less communicate, but twitter and facebook, my boy is one of them, sometimes makes me want to throw his iphone away. x)

Finally the food come, actually it only takes a while to come. LOL

Boy's cappuccino.
The half pizza is smoke salmon and the other half is honey bacon.

I forget what this name but the german sausage is damn good, love it.

Nom-ing my ice lemonade.

Then after dinner, the thing u must do in Strait Quay is have some walk around the walkway, enjoying the sea breeze and camwhore around.

Just to show off my new shoes lar. XD

My boy is acting cute.

Show off my photograph skill. Nah!!

Need to unpack all the dirty cloth and do some laundry.

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