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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shopping spree!!!

This gonna be a short post with lots of pictures indeed cause I'm rushing to cinema with my parents in a short while later for the second time transformer but in 3D, mad excited. LoL

Whookay, back to topic, I spend a lot this month, there are still taiwan cloths and boy's mum present that don't have pictures to show u all. Because everyone birthday in June, all anniversary and all sort of mother's day and father's day fall in May and June. Excluding the holiao we eat, the movie we watch and the petrol is keep on increasing, I think total up all maybe will have few thousands, not gonna think about that now. In conclusion is I'm gonna die from starving from now on. So pictures starts.

All these are bought in one day KLCC shopping spree.

Boy's anniversary present, I think he is very happy with it.

Boy's sis birthday present. She said someone gonna envy her, FML. Btw, it's time for u to have some perfume girl. =)

Topshop Canvas Plimsolls. I'm lovin it. <3

Boy's Uniqlo Disney tee. It is really cheap until u cannot not to buy. x)

Asos online shopping. I order quite a lot cloths from there since it is having summer sales like 70% discount, who can miss this?

Black and white cardigans. =)

I have to go prepare and heading to transformer. Bye. ;')

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