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Thursday, July 28, 2011

FishSpa @ Gurney

Sorry for abandoned my little blog for so many days, for the reason that I'm too busy to settle down back Penang and now back Sunway here, busying about internship thingy, school fees and of course outing, to make sure more things for me to blog. If u guys read my previous post, surely will know I'm busy doing video for myAstro MyMusic contest too. Yupe, shooting is officially finish and now left videos editing all into one complete and nice to submit. Enjoy a lot in brain storming of the running of the whole video, imagine is surely nicer than outcome, but I will try my best. =)

Back to topic, I went to FishSpa few weeks back in Penang with my boy and boy's sister. It's fun and worth for trying.

Outfit of the day: Asos cardigan, Basic white singlet and shorts, Zara bags and Tiamo shoes.

Spot the fish? Big and black.

This is the small one. There are different size of fish for you to choose, big, medium and small tiny one. I personally prefer the small tiny one, feels like something vibrating under your leg. x)

Boy starts to busy with his iphone again. *___*

When boring, a thing must do for girls, camwhore!!



That's all for today, gonna rush for my video now.
Bye all.

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