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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chilis @ Gurney

This gonna be a very long post, thanks for the tons of camwhore pictures. Surprisingly my boy's sister and me can take a lot camwhore pictures when we really are in mood. Girls oh girls. Starts of the day, doll up and ready for boy's mum belated birthday dinner, so no cakes no singing, just a proper and nice dinner with shopping sections.

Outfit of the day

Top is knitwear from Taiwan, bottom is basic short from Cotton On, bag from Zara and highlight of the day, new shoes from Topshop.

Planned to go Delicious but my boy say his mum want to try something special so change to Chilis. Here we go, dining in the restaurant that Licensed To Grill, Lol.

Order food order food order food order food. *slap me please, FML.

Before the food reach, camwhore is a must.

Someone insist want to change her profile picture so we tried many shoots, hahaha.

This is the best shot I think, because our smile is nice, including the Chilis is captured in this picture. Great job girl x)

Sometimes I kinda envy boy's sis because she can do a lot weird face yet present pretty and nice. I think this count as a compliment. XD

Here come some foods, enjoy guys. *please don't angry with me if u feel hungry after look at these pictures.

Random shot of my BlackJack by the little pinky sony nex-3.

After the satisfied dinner, we went for some shopping cause boy's aunt want to hunt for some dinner heels. So what we doing is sitting beside and commenting the heels, while camwhore a bit and chit chating. We laugh so loud until the sales girl keep on starring at us. LOL

Spot us?

Me and LimMeiMei. *boy's sis

My boy claimed that he knows how to make ugly face also. Ugly huh? Still cute. XD

Tomorrow gonna fly back home to meet my papa and mama. Mad excited. I'm surely gonna miss my boy alot. ='( So readers, reached Sabah will continue update for sure. Stay tune. =)

Bye Penang and my boy. =*

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