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Sunday, June 26, 2011

26062011 Note

New hair colour, like it? I'm personally feel so much fresher to have back my black hair, actually is violet-red in black. Just u all can't see this in here. *If u all meet me then u all will get what I say. x)

I'm quite busy this few day, right after I finish my final exam, I was like running here and there, grab those surprise presents, pampering myself with lots of new cloths and new things, gona blog all these soon, stay tune.

人就是犯贱. When I'm having exam, then my mind was keep thinking to have drama, hangout with my boy without any stress, buy things, even facebook mini game can become my distraction. But now, I rather laying on bed doing nothing, lazy to go out cause weather is too hot, tons of pictures left out from editing, don't care although the blog stat is dropping, even my boyfriend in my facebook game is leaving me I also lazy to sign in the game to pamper him, what a contrast life I have.

Hahaha, anyway, I'm have for now, planning to go bowling as my boy promised to bring me, want to go fish spa for so long, maybe tomorrow. Just done hair dye maybe will do some photoshoot, but where to shoot? FML

Enough complaining. Stay tune for the next post, I will try to update more often, promise. =)

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