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Friday, June 10, 2011

* 15062011 update *

Aww Yesh!! I finished two paper by today and I left one last paper then I will be free!!! But actually I haven't start study for the last paper yet, will do that tomorrow or maybe the next day. I want to relax my mind first. Just some short update here cause the stat is keep on dropping these few days, oh reader, please bare with me, I will back soon, real soon!!

The picture above is shoot last few week, which mean it's old. By now, I think I look like ghost with very serious dark circle, eye bag, bad skin, and ugly hair. Who else will care for their outlook when it's in exam week? Every time I went to uni library I will saw a lot zombies walking here and there. Let end this ok. Back to the topic.

The main purpose of this post, the surprise I buy for my boy is on the way reaching Malaysia. Hope he like it. I'm surely gona blog about that when I reach, I promise!! =)

And last but not least, I miss u miss fluffy. <3

Till then ya all. Bubye!

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