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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Marche walk. ♥ ♥

Whoookay.. Here come the continue one. =) Tons of pictures for this post, please scroll slowly and enjoy.

Firstly of course me!!

The yellow sneaker again.

Here we go, heading to Marche for dinner.

Love the environment there. It was like a market which got a lot different type stores. U want to eat steak then can go to the meat store and ask for it. If u want to have some fruit juice then u can go to the fruit store to ask for any mix fruit juice as u like. Just after order then let them to stamp ur card and in the end when u leaving then u will need to pay, that's all. But remember, don't order too much as it just stamp inside the restaurant, but when u pay, then u will feel like die-ing like chopping off your head. XD

The wine store.

The can-drinks store. *spotted the famous one is ordering his root beer.

My mix grilled with black pepper sauce.

And my favourate mushroom soup.

The babes.

My boy.

The famous one with spec like acting nerd??

Spotted the different. The stupid boy ordered root beer but he takes ginger beer. Guess what, ginger beer makes u feel your body hot like don't know what. My boy actually sick after drink the ginger beer. Damn stupid. :D

Awww.. Forget to mention, babe's boyfriend, koksoon. Btw, he is too shy to take picture. So we force them to take picture together.

Marche we love u but u are too expensive for us. So maybe three month once?? XD

Then we have some walk around Ikea to digest the food, because we want the awesome curry puff and cheapy ice cream.

See the famous one, one person grab two ice cream. Greedy huh?? X)

Boy's hotdog with the funny decoration of mustad. Be straight thinking please. O.O

Random one.

And lastly of course, babes and me.

Coming up post,
Penang Strait Quay
Stay tune. kkthxbye.

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