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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's day Dinner.

Last weekend, joined boy's family for Mother's day dinner. We headed to a Thai food restaurant located near Balik Pulau. Nothing much to talk about. So picture first. =)

Regretted for didn't go up to the second floor, it has much more nicer view compared to the ground floor. ><

Enjoying the view of whole Penang city while eating. Another kind of enjoyment.

Later sunset will happen soon. One of the reason I love Penang is because Penang got beach and mountain. Weekends beside spending time in shopping, I can hanging around at the beach or a hiking trip.

Here comes the sunset. My boy managed to captured a bird with the sunset. Saw the bird??

Here comes some portrait pictures. Hehe...




Slowing down the shutter speed. You will get...



Happily enjoying Thai food. U surely cannot miss out the tom yam kung. Awww.. Heaven!!

At the night, it become like that. Nice right?

And of course can't miss out the night scene.

Nothing much to blog about. Just want to show you guys the pictures. Pictures will help me to speak for sure. kkthxbye.

p/s: my blog is soooo dead.....

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