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Sunday, May 1, 2011

♥ in Sushi Zanmai &

Yesterday promised to update my blog by today so here I am, promised so no dragging again. If u all following my twitter then u will know, I'm sick now. Terrible cough and flu waving hand to me, makes me feel embarrassed when cough in front of the people that I don't know when I'm shopping or movie. *slap face Of course, cough makes me want to cut off my neck and scratch the itch part with my hand, and flu makes me feel like taking a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the mucus inside my nose. *disgusting

Ok, back to the topic, as previous post said, my babes and I planned a heaven food trip before we going back to our hometown and this post gona blog about these. But first of all, I'm going to separate into 2 parts because too long and I'm lazy. *slap me please

So yupe, outfit of that day.
Top - ASOS
Bottom - Damansara Boutique
Sneaker - Adidas
Bag - ASOS

The handsome boy driving me for lunch.


Here we go, Sushi Zanmai, our long lost heaven. The boy just love the food they served here, more than a heaven for him. I like their salmon sashimi, awww gosh, naissss!! *hungry now!!

Honestly, people will start to wear watch when it is expensive and must bring out to bask in the sun once in a while. X)

If I ignored u then I might apologize here, so sorry for keep on letting u to see my face. *bright smile

Food time, Salmon and Soft Shell Crab Handroll.

Boy's Tempura Don

Mine Salmon belly. Awwww, totally heaven for me. *spinning around

After that time. My boy buy me my favourate Yogurt Icecream. Awwww... *spin again

2 more week, my little white will reach my side. Waiting happily. Want to know what is that, some people might know, stay tune my blog.

Btw, 2 more days my mid-term holidays going to end. Enjoy ur Easter holiday and Happy Labour day. XD


hurtstar said...

the salmon handrollllllllllllllll!!!

g3r11 said...

heaven right..? Teheee..