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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Daddy & Mummy's day. ♥_♥

Yadaahhh.. I'm here. Back in sunway this morning, finally I squeezed some time for my little blog, phew.. I have a hectic weekend back in hometown, because both of my parents back in Penang for meeting me and accompany me. We had so much awesome morning breakfast sections, visited so many new houses, run all over the Penang for good food to satisfied my daddy's stomach, until I have no time to blog, game even my favourate drama sections. So here I am, free from busybee, back to reality and facing my final exam. *stressed max

Last few week I went to KLCC and Pavillion for both parent's day present hunting. *u will know if u following my Twitter =)

Here is the outfit of the day, basic tee plus Cotton On jumpsuit. Just in case if u want to know the Blackjack *camera I'm using, fyi, it's lumix GF1 with 14-45mm lens.

I have a nice hair that day. Because I'm too free so I curl it with curler. *weee...

Here you go, Swarovski as my mummy's day present and surprisingly, my mummy likes it and she is happy with it. ;D

And of course daddy's day present. Got it from Tangs. Alan Delon's belt, hope u like it papa. Love u.

So ok, I'm literally broke after I bought present for boy, daddy and mummy. Who can sponsor me for my hair dye? XD

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