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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blue Reef Fish&Chip

YAY!! This is the first panaromic from my little BlackJack. Proud of myself now, teheee... Clever huh? Whookay, any suggestion? I accept all good or bad suggestion so that my photographic skill will improve.

Here we go, the Blue Reef Fish&Chip restaurant. My baby boy has wanted to go so many times but we just can't squeeze out free time to hang out there. So, in a peaceful afternoon when everyone goes work and school, left out we both the freebie which is in holiday mood, then we decided to have a try there. Lunchie time!!

The menu of Blue Reef Fish&Chip.

The boy, happily waiting his food. =)


As the name stated. Of course we try their fish&chip. They served big portion for the fish but according to the boy, NOT THAT NICE. All I can say is out of expectation. Maybe because we order the cheap fish, maybe next time we try the expensive fish?? x)

My Oligo Spaghetti with roast chicken. A bit oily as it is cook with olive oil. Hmmm.. But overall taste nice. I would like to try second time. Portion is just right for me but don't know what happen to my stomache that day, I ate not even until half of it then I'm full. *slap me please

Our side dish. Onion ring. Me and my boy likes this so much. Naise!!

After that we just went home and have a nice rest since the sun is so shine that afternoon. =)

Weekly report come again. After the mid-term holidays, I start to slack much and skipping class much. *slap me Final is coming and what am I doing here? OMG. Will catch up and try my best not to skip class anymore.

p/s: So many picture to resize and edit for the mother's day celebration. Bless me :((
pp/s: Thanks for reading my blog readers, last few days just break my record in this month. Thanks again. =)

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