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Saturday, May 14, 2011

14052011 ♥ ♥

Here comes the random one. I don't know what to blog anymore. Just because recently my life is just camping in home or school, random dinner with babes, random movie section in movie day and so on. Urgh~~ Dull life indeed. Nothing much happen just some ego people is still rolling in my life, hate them much, how much I wish I can kick them out of my babes and mine life. But, 有时候事情终是事与愿违,没办法。Let them be, one day they will face the what they have done to others. Back to topic. Whookay, dull life. Then I dig back old picture realized there still some pictures I haven blog about, so here I am, blogging, enjoy reading btw. =)

Can u imagine one person can buy almost 8 new underwear. No doubt, that's him, my baby boy. I just don't understand why a person underwear can always spoiled and need to constantly replacing new one. According to baby's mum, the reason spoiled maybe due to he always using washing machine to wash his underwear. So guys, no washing machine for underwear, just like girls, to protect ur underwear from spoiling and can extend the shelf life too. Damn funny man. x)

Last few week, baby boy's toy puddle, Nana went for her ovario-hysterectomy and were hospitalize for two night. Pity her tho, been crying so much for sure, because when we saw her, her eye is so watery. Doctor say she need to wear this hat to prevent her from licking or scratching her wound so that to prevent infection. Pity her because she cannot come out to join her kid play and wear the hat make her feel uncomfortable. But what to do, is all for her good. But thank god, she now can run can have fun because she already recover. =)

I'm so proud of myself because I'm the one who capture this pleasure moment of my Fluffy, look how cute she is. But sad to say, the next day we decided to bring her to have some hair cut because all her hair was tied up like a mad dog who don't comb her hair. wtf.

As u can see her hand there got a round is the tied up hair. Damn ugly lar.

Till then. Suggest me what to blog? I'm out of idea now. kkthxbye.

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