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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

04052011 Short Update

I will continue the outing in the next post I guess, just let me settle my feeling a while.

These few day, I saw a lot and go through a lot. I realized that I every time will hurt by this type of people, ego people. They just think that they are the highest and noble, the rest that unimportant to them are all shit. They won't care how much the other side pay out for them, they just think from their side. Ego people will not love by anyone because the way they talk is insulting you and raising themselves. What for to friend with these type people and get yourself insulted and hurt.

Of course I'm not the angel and I can't save anyone. Just at least I tried my best to talk to you and tried to make you understand the situation and I know u have grown up so u should understand and stop being immature. But in the end I realized, what i talked and said are all rubbish to u and u don't even give a damn to it. Now only I know why everyone even my boy few years ago already give up on u. When u can't even accept what others say and keep on stepping into the mud, there is no cure for u anymore.

My boy warn me not to bother u anymore and I don't listen, so in end this is what I get. A broken heart and start to hate myself, why am I can be so stupid and approaching to u and still think I can change u, at least abit. U are just nobody to me as I'm nobody to u too. The freedom u want, now u can have it, because there is no one will stop u from flying anymore. The mature u imagine u have is so childish to me. Feel terrible to me? Awww... Stop feeling that, because I don't even care about that.

Another thing, listen hear. There is no one can judge my love to my parents, even my boy can't. U can't imagine how much I love my family, at least more than u. So u please just shut up and have ur wonderful life there.

I don't want to mention much here as I don't want to make u famous. See what happen next, I bet it will be more amazing than the old story. 自己顾好你自己吧,不要给别人麻烦就好了。

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