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Monday, April 11, 2011

Rango Night

Invited by my babe, we having a 夜冲 around Puchong and planned to have movie since it wednesday, movie day. My mum subbed a GSC credit card for me so that I can enjoy movie with discount 10%, great deal isn't? So here we go, Mr Rango. My baby boy willing to watch this cartoon just because it is dub by Johnny Depp.

Actually kind of regret because I think we should watch this movie in 3D.

Me with nerd spec to cover my dark circle.
Soldier cap to cover my ugly eyebrow.
And of course long sleeve to avoid shivering in the cinema.

Hello, what are u both talking until so excited?

My babe with a happy smile, because she finished all her assignment and finally can watch movie. =)

My babe's roomate, Ting. This is the second box of popcorn we buy. The first one we finished before the movie start. Hungry us.

The little brother following us, Soon. =)

Overall the movie is nice, Rango is just sooo Johnny Depp.
Nobody can resist Johnny Depp right?

Another 忠诚的劝告 to my junior, can u all just shut the F up and don't praise urself in front of the whole class. This just show how stupid u are when u already is a university level student. Be humble please and remember, silent is gold. No offences. =)

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