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Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm back from the pray event happening last weekend. April is my worst month ever. I screwed up my online test, oral presentation and even my wallet is empty now. Who should I blame to? Me!!! I regretted for not study more for the test, I regretted for not insist more on my idea then the presentation won't goes wrong and I regretted for not controlling myself spending so much. *slap face Just that actually I can do more better if I following my own rules but it's too late to blame now. Wake up and catch up, I still got time!

These three things, cause me RM200+. I'm broke now but all I can say is it worth this price lar.
MAC eye shadow
MAC eye brow pencil
MAC eye brow brush

After didn't updating for so many days, I don't dare to view my nuffnang visitor record, sure drop till don't where.

Just a very random one. Gona read up some notes.
Will back soon, kkthxbye.

Hah x)

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