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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Lomo One. ♥

Since last time I F. up my online test and presentation. I'm doing great here and no more F. up things happen around me. Everything seems smooth and I heard that Chatime is going to open in Sunway Pyramid, awwww!! I'm going to hurt my wallet again.

Half of this sem is going to finish just like that, everyone seems like more and more pressure because mid term and all sort final is coming. I'm gona back up and run for life, maybe jump into the infinity hole and no more facing reality. x)

Anyway, back to topic, found a new apps with my baby boy's iphone. I think is called pudding camera, try search and download, it's fun!! Pictures below is taken when last time we visit the taiwanese restaurant in Sunway Pyramid which near to the ice skating.

Hey bab, did u just saw a ghost?

O ya! A ghost. x)
The famous one enjoying his dinner. =)

Ours dinner.
Me!! With a terrible horrible look.

This restaurant served good food, nice price and nice service. Can have some try if u all never been there before.

Done here.
Gona rush my reading now. x)

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