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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ikea crazy

It's me. Hand holding half dozen of curry puff. Guess where am I? Yupe, you're right, Ikea. A must eat in Ikea is the meat ball and the curry puff. O.M.G!! Heaven for me. =)

I'm craving for Ikea meat ball now. I wish I can turn back to last week so that I can eat again >< So ya, a random post where me and my boy heading to Ikea to fill our stomach.

The meat ball. Guess what, I'm actually starving here when looking at this picture. Aww gosh!!

Just look at the chicken. The word I want to express out but I'm stuck here. Aww ya, Is O.M.G!!!

wtf. The fish. We had a healthy dinner that day, fish, chicken and beef.

Boy can't wait anymore, while I'm busy taking pictures, he already starts to eat. =(

After Ikea, we have some walk at The Curve. Hunting for Nestea but the store is closed. =(

Spotted a random kid, dressed in colourful dress and holding a colourful ball. What a perfect match. x)

Ok. Time to list out my weekly diary. Actually this week nothing much, just damn excited because mid term holiday is approaching. My boy and I finally can have some rest after these hectic life. We can runaway from Sunway and back to out sweet home Penang. Enjoying the nice 白斩鸡,hokkien mee, curry mee, looobak, char kuey tiao, and more. Wow, excited wherever I think of these. x)

Me and my babes planning to have a nice food trip before going back our hometown. So stay tune, gona blog about that.

Another thing is I saw my chatbox, there is an anonymous leaving message says that I look like the famous blogger Chuckei. Seriously? Erm, I'm actually a big fans of her. Previously some of my friend told me too, but I just thought they are joking. So if the real Chuckei saw this, I didn't mean to copy u or what, or I can say is I adore u cause u are cute and pretty. 共勉之

Till then. See ya.

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