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Thursday, April 14, 2011

CC's Big Day.

10th of April. A big day for sure. My baby boy, Yiwen and me has prepared so long for the birthday present. My baby boy even write a birthday card for the birthday girl, CC. I think the content enough to make CC fly till can touch the moon. But according to my baby boy who always tease CC, the card is only true on the day she birthday, so after 12a.m, everything will back to the normal. She will still same noisy and talkative for us. *my baby boy just can't stop teasing her. x)

CC has planned to spend us a dinner for her 21st birthday so the place she decide and we just attend. =) Here we go, lots of pictures.

Outfit of the day.
Top - MNG
Pants - Sungei Wang 6th floor boutique
Bags - Pull & Bear

Firstly, of course is me. Looks different because I draw eyeliner. =)

The big baby boy in his favorited Armani Exchange polo tee.

Here is the birthday girl with her boyfriend,YE the famous one, happy 21st and enjoy club in future. x)

Her presents.

After dinner, open present section. Firstly of course if the mistery one, the present by the famous one. Actually CC get the present from her boyfriend early 1 week ago, but her boy friend wants to keep secret and surprise so ask her only can open the present on the day of her birthday. So here u go. The big surprise!!!

Prada Bag!!! CC was quite happy with it but the only thing is her purse can't fit in. So YE, u need to buy another wallet for her, let me suggest, MIU MIU, or Channel or Juicy Couture also not bad. *CC, I'm helping u shout here. Let us prepare for the new wallet. x)

The pearl necklace.

Our present is actually a set of internal beauty so she was shy to show in restaurant so no pictures. Sorry guys. Here is some random one when CC is busy taking pictures with other friends. So baby boy and me start to making fun with the DSLR of CC's brother.

Baby boy is acting pro. But actually not that pro.

Both of them are shooo cute and shy. Hardly see them kiss in front of so many friends. =)

My turn to take picture with the birthday girl.

Baby boy is acting cute. XD

The girls. Happy 21st to CC!! x)

The boys.

And of course, lastly is me.

Happy day out, meeting lots of friends and nice dinner.

Further update for myself here. Yesterday Black Jack joined my big family and sadly to say my little s90 is running away from me. But anyway, I will miss u because u have accompanying me for almost 1 year and I take good care of u too. So serve ur new owner well and stay happy there. Pictures is coming up, stay tune for the look of my Black Jack.

Things to do:
I want to watch RIO and HOP.
I want to try out my new Black Jack.
I want to save more money to buy lens.

Till then. Bye. =)

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