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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The bigday of the LittleRed

This post is dedicated to my lovely course mate babe, 小虹. They planned a surprise for the birthday babe right after she come back from birthday dinner at 1U.

So decoration starts, arranged her name on the floor and the candles is lighted.

Then tadaaa, nice?

Called her bf for letting him to drive slower, for not to found out by the birthday girl so we speaked Malay. x) *lima minutes lagi, lambat sikit.

While waiting the coming of the birthday girl. Everyone is so gan jiong.

Her birthday cake, secret recipe's brownie.

Then she come, shouting while laughing. Happy birthday girl. =)

Cut cake. Birthday girl is so sensitive to the word 姐姐 that wrote on the cake. No worries, no one will realized u are 姐姐 until this post published. x)

Sweet couple, the cute bf helping his queen to blow the candles. *clap hand

Cake eating section. Then after that, something I think no one will forget happened. Guess what, this will be the most special birthday in our uni life. XD *不方便在这里透漏,抱歉各位

But nevermind. As long as the birthday girl happy. Again, happy birthday the little red.

Ok. My blog visitor is keep on dropping again. I think maybe I'm not updating often. Sorry guys, kinda lazy recently. Need to head to the beach and find some inspiration and ohm for blogging. One thing I keep on considering recently, should I cut my hair to slightly longer shoulder length or just keep on long? Then my bang should I cut short or also keep it long? Myself prefer long bang but just thinking to try something new.
Any idea guys?
Comment me and suggest me.
Thanks and appreciate. =)

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