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Monday, April 18, 2011

Aloha world.

Me with hairs up in the lab day.

Aloha guys, today suppose to be a productive monday but something accidentally happen this morning make me feel uncomfortable and cancel all the class and staying at home resting. FML PMS, u make me feel terrible although I done something nice this morning. Want to know what so nice that makes me want to shout out loud I'm finally free from u?!!

Yupe. I blocked u. I know u read my blog and so what, there is no use for me to give u face anymore. Things pass for so many years, but still, u look like don't know what u've done is wrong and keep on blaming us for betrayed u. I swear I never done something that hurt others feeling ever in my life, so do my friends. Just like what my friend say, ur egoism are way too much until u don't even realize what u done is wrong, and starting to blame others that not good to u. I don't even want ur forgiveness because I did nothing wrong. U are the one who come and roar with me first and since ur braveness is so huge, then I shall challenge u. Come to me if u dare, don't say what "forgiveness is important" after all those shit things.

Done with those shit things. Back to topic.

Last week the new fella join the big family, Black Jack, my new baby GF1. So here is some picture taken by Black Jack. Stupid me, still don't know how to handle the lens. x)

My baby boy's pc. Using custom colour mode.

The one who always accompany me when sleeping. =)

My baby boy's math graph, quite random lar.

Lumix! =)

Till then. Gona rush report now. Bubye.

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