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Saturday, March 19, 2011

World invasion: Battle of Los Angeles

Hellow readers, since my last update is already three days ago. Sorry for abandoned u all again.

My baby boy starts to save money for my 21th birthday present but I didn't buy him any present for his 21th. I starts to feel guilty about this. Why? Because I don't have money. I need to save money for my wallet, bags and redye my hair. Worst come to worst maybe I will just buy the bubble hair dye and redye myself so to save money. Somemore I owe somebody around 1k and I need to settle this as soon as possible. O gosh!! I'm so poor now. But still I can squeeze some money for the coming Tiamo and movie day. x)

Yesterday the nooby baby boy said "hey, we long time didn't have a proper date already, why don't we go watch movie and walk around?" So we decided to watched World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles at Midvalley. Last minute decision so we bought the first row. Because of too near to the screen, I watched until half and I starts to feel dizzy and want to vomit. wtf. So I sleep in the middle of the movie and wake up in the end and watched the ending. Hah! Overall I know what happen in that movie because I watched the front part and the end part. wtf.

But in the end of the day, we still enjoy our day because my baby boy and me long time didn't had a proper date since we back in uni life.

Btw, I'm going to buy my first pair of Tiamo soon, maybe later. Will blog about it soon. Stay tune.

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